Recruiting Your Next Transformational Leader

We seek first to understand, then go forth and find the ‘right fit’.

The Rouse Search Process

Rouse Resources exerts considerable effort in building consensus around our clients’ specific leadership search requirements. This insight investment ensures mutual understanding of our clients’ business, culture and leadership needs.

Our proprietary profiling process, search tools and methodology are standardized and are unique to our firm.

Rouse Resources Profiling (RRP)

Rouse Resources proprietary profiling process ensures our client’s true leadership search needs are identified. Our belief is, “Every search starts with a creative challenge: define the best possible leadership profile. Only then do we start the search process”.  Clients highly value our unique profiling approach that brings forth meaningful insight in alignment to the leadership role they seek to fill.

Client Centric Search Strategy

Rouse Resources believes nothing replaces hard work in alignment to a well thought out client-centric search strategy. Our commitment to conducting an intelligent, targeted and exhaustive search ensures your shortlist leadership candidate pool is the best the market has to offer.  Our motto here, “To be the best, hire the best!”

Client Representation

Rouse Resources has a unique talent for understanding how to best market their client’s company and leadership opportunity to the marketplace. Clients and candidates alike commend us on our ability to deliver a captivating and meaningful story that generates interest from even the most passive job seeker.  All members of our team take this responsibility seriously.  Our motto here, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Leadership Talent Selection Process

Rouse Resources has a rigorous leadership talent selection process.  We conduct client and role-centric behavioural interviews and reference check all shortlisted candidates prior to presenting to our client with an accompanying resume and insightful profile.  Our commitment to finding the right ‘fit’ ensures long-term relationships can be established that enrich the client, candidate and company as a whole – that is our definition of success.

Negotiation Ambassadors

Rouse Resources has long been recognized and respected for their negotiation skills.  They carefully consider their client and candidate desired compensation parameters and then ambassador on behalf of both parties in crafting a fair and prudent offer that can find mutual acceptance.

Commitment to Candidates

Rouse Resources is committed to treating prospective candidates with integrity. Candidates have our assurance they will be well qualified and properly briefed in advance of meeting our client.  Candidates can trust that every point of contact with us will be treated with the utmost discretion and professionalism.  Clients’ appreciate the importance we place on the handling of candidates as an extension and reflection of their organization.