An Interview with the President - Peter Rouse

What is the history of Rouse Resources?
The company was founded in 1985 with a simple principle: service a small group of progressive clients so well they will stay with you. I'm proud that Rouse Resources has since evolved into a leading search firm with several principal consultants, supported by an Associate and the Research team. Our practice has expanded to service a growing list of client needs in the consumer, business goods, and services, industrial, technology and financial services sectors. The key philosophy hasn't changed - we treat every search like a partnership.

What is the key to a successful search?
We invest considerable effort to get the best definition of a client's true search needs. I can't emphasize strongly enough how important this initial step is to a successful search. Clients learn to appreciate our commitment to doing this crucial work up-front. Once a profile is truly well defined, finding candidates almost comes naturally.

How does Rouse Resources distinguish itself from other executive search firms?
We apply proven search fundamentals each and every time. Every search follows a disciplined process from defining the position profile to challenging candidates to qualify themselves. We ensure that clients can meet both short and long-term goals of the candidate. Reference checks are conducted before putting a short-list in front of clients. After years of experience, I'm rigid about maintaining the integrity of the process.

How do you define success?
Getting an exceptional match is always the goal. Placements that grow into long-term relationships enrich both the client and candidate. When I get acknowledgement from a client and a candidate that we've achieved a great fit, that defines success for me.

What are some of the key challenges facing companies?
Companies face constant pressures in a changing marketplace. The cost of turnover is high as many people and initiatives in the organization are affected - not to mention the bottom-line. The challenge of finding and retaining the right leadership and cultural fit is paramount for any company.

Why use an executive search firm?
Companies recognize the advantage our reach and marketplace intelligence brings to their search. We specialize in maximizing search tools and techniques. Simply put, we can find more qualified professionals from a wider range of industries.